Unique design, especially for off-road

Excellent shock absorption

Compared with the current mainstream electric skateboards--the rubber block shock absorption, pneumatic tire shock absorption, plate deformation shock absorption or spring shock absorption, the independent suspension assembly can solve the problem of instability of the whole board caused by the bumpy take-off of a single wheel, which makes it the best choice of ESK8.

High ground clearance

Usually, the higher the distance from the ground means the worse the stability.Our Board adopts the proven chassis technology of off-road vehicles on many high-end off-road vehicles, which greatly improving the ground clearance while ensures the stability.Through the self-balancing and stable design of the board, we ensure to give you the comfortable riding experience.

High Quality

The force-bearing parts of the whole board are made of aviation aluminum, and the parts is strengthened through structural design. Each part has done simulated force analysis and crashing test to ensure that there are no splashes or serious breakages which are generated during an impact can cause personal injury.

Unique curved deck

We provide you the deck with unique surface curve which meets people with different foot sizes and distance of legs, ensuring the most comfortable riding experience.3K carbon fiber not only provides beautiful texture, light weight, but also ensures unparalleled strength.Considering the convenience of carrying the board, we designed the grooved handle under it.

Longer Range

The battery’s weight and battery life have been a contradiction for electric skateboards. We are proud that CYCLEAGLE has found the solution to sovle it. Adding a battery to double your battery life, you can enjoy a whole day without considering whether the forest trail you are going to have a place to charge.

Automobile industry standard

We established quality management and control system in accordance with automotive industry standards, and undergo rigorous testing.

Road Test: Flat-road test at constant speed/ Hill grade/High-frequency road test/Long-wavelength road test/Blockage Test.

Simulated surroundings: High temperature/Low temperature/Salt spray test/Xenon photo-aging test

Structural performance: Ballast test/Frontal impact test/ Drop test

Bench test: Vibration test/ Drum bench test/Suspension durability test

Material propertities: Yield strength/hardness (HV)/Poisson ratio/Alternating load test

Electrical test: Motor external characteristics/Battery charge and discharge/EMC

Operation test: Ergonomic evaluation/Misuse test

Humanized design, open and shared development concept

Aimed to meet individual needs

The positioning holes on steering knuckle are used for switching of steering flexibility and steering speed as demand of riders.

According to different weights, the restorer can be adjusted to achieve a better shock absorption effect.

The coil spring can be replaced, and the spring preload is adjustable to meet the shock absorption needs of people of different weights.

The steering rod design completely simulates the controlling experience of skiing, so it is very suitable for ski enthusiasts to experience the true feeling of skiing in the season without snow.

Open and shared development

CYCLEAGLE brings more options for all enthusiasts of outdoor sports and DIY activities, so we encourage everyone to build their own skateboards or small vehicles by themselves (we prefer to call this product a small vehicle rather than just a skateboard).

We listed all our parts for sales and built a community for direct communication with our engineers.

We are willing to provide more technical support, and hope to get more creative ideas.

It is greatly appreciated to your comments and suggestions for us to make CYCLEAGLE better and better.