1. Erasable parts are not covered by the warranty

   Easy-wear parts including tires, belts, sandpaper, boards, belt guards, driveshafts, drive shaft rubber sleeves, etc.

2. The e-board is conditionally guaranteed for one year

   Within one year from the day you receive the goods, the e-board frame assembly is damaged due to quality problems and we will replace it for free. If the product needs a warranty, please email us at service@cycleagle.com, Our customer services will reply as soon as possible.

   Electronic parts warranty for 6 months including motor, controller, remote control, battery, etc.

3.The e-board failure caused by the following reasons is not covered by the warranty

(1) Damage caused by human factors and collision during driving.

(2) Unauthorized disassembly of the e-board and its components.

(3) Damage to the slide due to water ingress.

(4) Change the warranty labels with permission.

(5) Damage to the e-board caused by the failure to operate in accordance with the instructions.

4.It is recommended to replacing the lubricating grease every 500 kilometers in the rubber sleeve of the transmission shaft.

In order to extend its service life, damage caused by incorrect maintenance and incorrect use will no longer cover the warranty.