Excellent shock absorption

High ground clearance

High Quality

The force-bearing parts of the whole board are made of aviation aluminum, and the parts is strengthened through structural design. Each part has done simulated force analysis and crashing test to ensure that there are no splashes or serious breakages which are generated during an impact can cause personal injury.

Unique curved deck

We provide you the deck with unique surface curve which meets people with different foot sizes and distance of legs, ensuring the most comfortable riding experience.3K carbon fiber not only provides beautiful texture, light weight, but also ensures unparalleled strength.Considering the convenience of carrying the board, we designed the grooved handle under it.

Longer Range

The battery’s weight and battery life have been a contradiction for electric skateboards. We are proud that CYCLEAGLE has found the solution to sovle it. Adding a battery to double your battery life, you can enjoy a whole day without considering whether the forest trail you are going to have a place to charge.