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Frequently asked question

There will be one crowdfunding in Indiegogo in early March. According to the agreement, we can not sell it or disclose the price before that. ASSN-4S and ASSN-2S will be available in the campaign. Thank you for your interest, we are sorry if there is any unconvience for you.  If you have any technical question or good idea/suggestion, you can join our Facebook group to communicate with us.

It requires some skills and sense of balance to control the board, so children under the age of 14 are not allowed to use it.

It tops speed is 25mph, or close to 40kph. You can adjust its speed with the controller:

Novice mode: less than 10mph(16kph).

Intermediate mode: less than 19mph(30kph).

Extreme speed mode: less than 25 mph(40kph).

To slow down you needs to push back the trigger for the controller.

It is not waterproof. So we do not recommend driving it over puddles or on rainy days. And don't wash your skateboard with water.

You can ride on a hard beach but stay away from the sea.

You can ride in the mountains, but climbing for a long time will greatly consume electricity. CYCLEAGLE cannot be used for long distance downhill.

About 19 miles(30 kilometers)

Electric skateboard are not allowed on the roads in many countries. Please check local laws and regulations before going on the road. CYCLEAGLE takes no responsibility for you riding in an illegal manner.

Yes, our batteries can be quickly replaced and the battery pack can be quickly replaced with 20 seconds with a simple unit.

120 kg.