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Compared with 4S, 2S aims riders who are interested in getting the experience of off-road but instead of rough roads, they mostly ride on pavement and light grass. The biggest difference between 2S and 4S is that 2S has less two motors and two belt drive system. Although 2S is not as powerful as 4S, it still has the same excellent shock absorption performance. That should be the best choice for all-terrain commuting! To learn more about Xcountryboard features, please click here
Xcountryboard-4S Xcountryboard-2S
Basic Specifications
Length 46.4 inches/1180mm 46.4 inches/1180mm
Width 22 inches/560mm 22 inches/560mm
Height 13.8 inches/352mm 13.8 inches/352mm
Wheel Size 10 inches/254mm 10 inches/254mm
Ground Clearance 155mm/6.1inches 155mm/6.1inches
Maximum Payload 264lb/120kg 264lb/120kg
Chassis Alloy Multilink Independent suspension Alloy Multilink Independent suspension
Tyre pressure 2.4 bar/35psi 2.4bar/35psi
Board weight 42lb/19.5kg 38.5lb/17.5kg
Electrical Control
Barttery Life 25km/15miles 28km/17miles
Battery 14.5Ah/522wh 14.5Ah/522wh
Battery weight 7.5lb/3.4kg 7.5lb/3.4kg
Shock absorber Adjustable Pre-load&Rebound Adjustable Pre-load&Rebound
Motors 4x6374 brushless motors 2x6374 brushless motors
Transmission 4xBelt Drive 2xBelt Drive
Hill Climb 35% 30%
Recharge Time 3hrs 3hrs
Top Speed 45kph/27mph 45kph/27mph
Brakes Regenerative braking Regenerative braking
Manipulation Mode
Remote Controller Wireless 2.4G Wireless 2.4G
Speed level Low:5km/h;Middle:14km/h;High:35km/h;Pro:35km/h(High torque) Low:5km/h;Middle:14km/h;High:35km/h;Pro:35km/h(High torque)
Cruise control
Controller High Voltage Protection
Low Voltage Return Warning
Remote Control Low Voltage Display
Motor High Temperature Warning
Remote Control Low Voltage Display
Motor High Temperature Warning
Remote Control Low Voltage Display

Customer Priority is basic principal rooted in our minds. Delivery time could be one of things you care about most, which is also our top priority! We have been looking for the best logistic service providers with different solutions--by air, by sea, as well as setting up local warehouses. Until now, we have established the US warehouse in CA, and more warehouses worldwide are coming.

BLK Friday Shipping Notification:

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We give priority to the delivery from the local warehouse in CA in the United States. It will take about 5--20 business days. When the stock is insufficient, we will ship the goods from the Chinese factory. It will take about 15--20 business days. The order of delivery is based on the order and payment order.(Delivery time will vary because of your location.)

Shipping options

 Free shipping(25-45 business days)
Step1From factory to your country’s harbor, your boards were shipped by sea which cannot be tracked, so we cannot give you the tracking number. Please do not worry. We will email you if it has been left from factory. This process usually last 25-35 business days, except for special circumstances.
Step2From your country’s harbor to your personal addresses, your boards are arriving to you soon! We will give you the tracking number as soon as we received from your local couriers. It should be sent in 3-10 business days usually, except for special circumstances.
Fast shipping(10-15 business days)
From our factory to two different local harbors to worldwide, your boards were shipped by air. It should be arrived in 10-15 business days usually, except for special circumstances. We will give you the tracking number as soon as we received it from our courier.

Shipping Cost:

Except for accessories, all types of products enjoy free shipping by default.
Free shipping is selected by default, or fast shipping can be selected for an additional $90.
DIY versionincluding 4wd&2wd:
Free shipping is selected by default, or fast shipping can be selected for an additional $90.
Shipping by air from factory/arrives 10-15 business days, shipping cost calculated while check out.
Parts currently do not include postage, which is automatically calculated during settlement. Shipping cost standard
Oversize and overweight parts: The freight of main suspension frame and battery box are $198.
Battery: $88/piece
Other parts: $38/piece
The shipping cost of the accessories is set according to the weight and volume of a single part. After you purchase multiple parts of different sizes, please contact us. We will redesign the packaging plan for you to reduce the shipping cost.


  1. The above shipping date comes from the promise of the shipping company. We promise to start the delivery in 1-2 business days after getting the order. We cannot guarantee any delay result from accidents during the process of transportation.
  2. We will continue to increase the transportation coverage area, and the data on website may not be updated in time. If you find that your area is not on the list during settlement, please contact us in time to confirm via mkt@cycleagle.com.
  3. The freight will change with the quantity, volume and weight of the product packaging. The freight will be automatically calculated based on a single product. If you purchase a large quantity, please contact us to confirm whether you can optimize the packaging and reduce the freight.

Massive Ground Clearance

Detachable Battery with 14.5Ah Lasting Life

Independent Suspension Shock Absorption

4-Wheel Stable Braking System

Multiple Gear Remote Control

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