All-Terrain Off-Road Electric Skateboard

4 Brushless Motors | Independent Suspension System | Detachable Battery | Curved Deck

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Detachable Battery

Lightweight and Portable

Carbon Fiber Deck | Hollow Aviation Aluminum

Humanized design

Knuckle configuration hole/Adjustable preload/Steering rod design

Independent Suspension | Multilink Steering | 4X4 Drive | Detachable Battery | Carbon Fiber Deck


It's More Than An ESK8. It's A Vehicle.


Designed for cross-country

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Based on automotive industry standards

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Concentrating on demand of customers 

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Natural beauty is an all-pervading presence. 

Main Suspension Frame6374 MotorBattery HolderCarbon Fiber DeckTire Kit

Do it by yourself!

CYCLEAGLE provides a cost-effective DIY version, allowing you to enjoy the fun of mechanics building your beloved ESK8. It also provides all the parts to be purchased separately. CYCLEAGLE is not only an electric skateboard, but also a platform for DIY all-terrain electric skateboards.

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